Task Organizer

I built and released my first Symfony app. A pretty simple project that I plan to expand with some more interactivity when I have time. It basically works like Asana or Pivotal Tracker, but on a more open-ended basis. It’s intended to help me organize my personal projects and learning tasks, so it doesn’t need to have rigid deadlines and quotas.

For now it helps me categorize all the things I’m doing in my free time, like video tutorials, books, and personal projects. In the future, I would like to have an interactive calendar with options for automatically spacing out certain tasks and setting up some flexible deadlines. It might be nice to have some more logging functionality, say I finished 20 pages in an hour or something, to help space out how long it would take me to finish some material.

I’m getting a little more comfortable with Symfony and PHP. I figured out how to use XDebug in PhpStorm, somewhat. Setting up an authentication system with Symfony’s included services takes some work. I’ll have to look into community developed bundles, I imagine there would be something like Devise (which I use for my Rails apps).

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