New Allowance Tracker

I had made an attempt to extract the allowance tracker from my “omniapp” many months ago. This was primarily just an excuse to get a project up and running in .NET Core. I think it turned out pretty well, but ended up being more of a hassle to configure hosting than I wanted. It’s running on a Windows Server using IIS and SQL Server. This would be a fine environment for a production application that is bringing in some money to offset the hosting costs, but for a development project it’s a bit pricey.

But with .NET Core 2 out, I think I’ll take another look at getting a .NET Core app hosted on my existing Linux development server. I’ll have to read through some of the upgrade guides. It sounds like ASP.NET Identity in particular has changed a bit since version 1.1.

The new allowance tracker was intended to be a base for a more marketable version of the original. It ended up being a pretty complex project. A lot of the gems I used from Rails didn’t have .NET Core alternatives available, so I had to do some more custom work than I expected. With .NET Core 2, it’s supposed to be a bit easier for library developers to transition directly from the full .NET Framework. It will be interesting to see if that’s really the case. I think I did a pretty good job keeping things commented and organized, but it will probably take some time to jump back into it and get it ready for version 2.

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