Brand Identity

I’m trying to set up this brand name, cototal, before I try to get more attention on social media. Unfortunately, Twitter is the one place I wasn’t able to lock in the username for. I guess that’s not uncommon. I see a lot of brands with extensions on their brand name or something completely different.

Another reason I haven’t tried to spread the name too much is that I haven’t really decided whether I would want to freelance as just myself, Shaun, or as the brand, cototal. Seems like it would be best to keep cototal as the developer name for any apps I produce and keep using my own name for freelancing. Not that I’m doing much of either right now. I still have a full time job and a bunch of personal projects I’m working on.

Back to twitter, I did set up a @cototally username. I’m not in love with it, but it’s close enough and I think it would be easy enough to say out loud. I’m toying between continuing to use that and going back to an old personal account. Seems like I have some more legitimate followers on the personal account, probably because it’s older. Again, I haven’t done much to try and get attention on either account, so it’s probably not a problem to go either way.

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